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Part 2

Posting Your Blogs To The Internet & Search Engines

We are now going to show you how to post your blogs to the internet & search engines. This will create a Free traffic of readers to your Web Blog. Once you et indexed to the search engines they will continue to move up in the page rankings if you continue to keep adding posts and content as we have shown you in Part 1. The more traffic you receive, the more money you will make. We are going to teach you what the webmasters have been doing for years to get their sites ranked on these major search engines at no additional costs to you. We are going to show you five tools + one optional method of getting your blogs to the internet and search engines. We will guide you through how to post to each of these methods.

To use all of these methods we will show you, we need to teach you on how to get your Blog Name URL to post to these methods.

The Blog Name URL will we your complete Blog web address.

When you preview you blog in Blogger.com take a look at the web address in the browser bar. You Blog Name URL will look like this:


Tool # 1
Advance Site Submitter
The first tool we will provide you is called Advance Site Submitter. What This will do is submit your Blogs to hundreds of Search Engines with a click of a button. This is by way of natural search.

We are going to post to the 3 major search engines GOOGLE, MSN & YAHOO in the next steps using a manual method to assure you blogs get posted to the 3 major search engines.

NOTE: If you have any problems downloading or using this search-engine-submitter software, we offer manual submissions for you to use.

Manual Submitting
If you were not able to use the search engine submitter software below to automatically submit your blog,
then go to the following Web site link


The first step is to download the Advance Site Submitter Tool.

Download Here

This is a really easy download. You just click "Save" and you will be able to save it to your desktop for easy access.

After you have downloaded this tool and have opened up it will look like this:

(Screen Is Resized For Better Viewing)

This is real simple to use as you will see. First enter your email address, then the name of your Blog, and last your Blog Name URL:

Click the "Check All" button at lower left of box and then click "Submit The Site"

You have just submitted your Blog to all of these Search Engines. Now this is not going to get your Blog on the first page of Google, but if you do this enough it will start to show up in certain search terms and will get visitors.

Here are some tips to help move your Blog up in the Search Engines page rankings. As we mentioned to put your Clickbank links on your Blog page this will help your rankings. The more links on your Blog the better. However you do not want to flood your page with to many links that look out of place.

We suggest to submit each of your Blogs once a month. You do not want to submit them to often, and the reason is this. What will happen is each search engine has what is called spiders, and what they do is crawl through your site (Blog) and they will index your Blog on the Search Engine based on content and links and will move you up on the rankings. If you submit to often the spiders will never visit your Blog and allow this indexing to happen.

Tool #2
Adding Blogs To 3 Major Search Engines

Since Google, MSN and Yahoo are the three main search engines we are going to manually post to these 3. Here's a quick overview of how to get listed to all three. You don't need a submission service when you can do it yourself in minutes.

I will first point out that you only need to add your blogs to the search engine ONCE, even if you make additional postings you DO NOT need to re-add to search engines. The only time you need to add your blog to the search engine is when you create a completely NEW blog.

Getting Listed in GOOGLE!
The most popular search engine is GOOGLE and is absolutely free. The best way to get listed into GOOGLE's search directory is to use GOOGLE web master tool. I will walk you through each step to assure you do this correctly.

1.) - Go to the GOOGLE web master tool site

2.) - Log into GOOGLE web master tools with the Google account you previously set for your Blogger account, if you have a problem signing in with that account you can set up one for free at the following site HERE.

3.) - After you are logged in you will see the following:
Enter your complete blog address url, it will look like this:
(Replace yourblogname with your blog name)
Click ok after you have places your blog address url in box.

4.) - After you click ok you will be brought to the next page. Click on
"Next Step Verify Your Site"

5.) - You will then "Choose Verification Method" from drop down menu.
Choose "
Add a META tag" and you will have a Meta Tag Drop down.

- The Meta Tag will look like the following:

6.) - Leave this page open and go to your Blogger.com account and copy and paste the code that GOOGLE has displayed in the drop down box and place it into your blogs Template HTML code. You will place this directly under the Meta Tags you entered earlier in Part 1 Step 5 of creating Weblogs. Place the code you have copied from GOOGLE verification in template as we show you in this example:

7.) After you have placed code into template as we show you in the example click SAVE TEMPLATE

8.) Go back to GOOGLE verification page and click VERIFY

Add Your Blog To GOOGLE Blog Search
Google also has a special blog search engine. I will show you these simple steps to add you blog to GOOGLE's blog search.

1.) Go to this GOOGLE blog submissions page

2.) Add your full Blog Address URL and click Submit Blog

You Are Now Listed On Google! It will take a week or so for GOOGLE's Robots to visit your blog, so be patient and it will eventually show up.

Getting Listed in Yahoo!
There are TWO ways to get listed with Yahoo. The first is to get you listed on Yahoo's Search Directory; The second way is to get listed into Yahoo's RSS Feeds. YOU WILL NOT NEED TO SUBMIT TO THE RSS FEED.

Steps To Getting Your Blog Listed On Yahoo's Search

1.) - Go to the Yahoo and sign into your Yahoo account

(If you do not have Yahoo account you can get a free account HERE)

2.) - After you are logged into your Yahoo you will be on the page
"Submit a Web site or Webpage" in the top box, and "Submit Site Feed" in the lower
. Place your blog url address in the top box ONLY under "Submit a Web site or Webpage"


shown in the picture below.

3.) - Click "Submit URL" in the first box and you will be taken to another page that
confirms you submission. You are done submitting to Yahoo.

Getting Listed in MSN!
This is very simple process to get listed on MSN Live Search.

1.) - Go to the MSN Live Search Submission page

2.) - Add your Blog Address URL to the box that says
Type the URL of your homepage

3.) - Put the security characters in, Click Submit URL and you are done.

You are now on MSN Live! Search

You will only need to post your blogs to these search engines ONCE. Even if you have
made additional posts. These 3 search engines have special robots that will visit your
blogs and note any changes once they have been indexed.

Tool #3
Blog Linker
Link to Other Blogs

Bloglinker is a great way to link your blogs with other blogs on the Internet. What this will do is create additional traffic and also help index your blog quicker to the search engines. This is free to do and I will show you how to set this up on blogs.

Sign Up and Get Codes
1.) Sign up for Bloglinker account

Sign-Up tips for the following questions:
Site Name = This Is Your Blog Title.
Site URL = Your Is Blog Address URL.

2.) After you log into your account, you need to get a special code to place in your blog. To get this code click on
Copy the complete code in the "Code For Adding List of Links to Your Webpage" section of the Get Codes page. The code will look like this:

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